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The diagnosis, treatment, and management of illnesses involving the confluence of neurology and psychiatry are the main objectives of the medical speciality known as neuropsychiatry. It includes conditions when there are symptoms that are both neurological and psychiatric, or where the root causes of mental health issues are linked to nervous system malfunction.
Doctors that specialise in both neurology and psychiatry are known as neuropsychiatrists. They assess patients with complex illnesses that impact the brain and the mind and offer all-encompassing care.

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Neuropsychological testing, brain imaging studies, and thorough psychiatric evaluations are just a few of the diagnostic methods used by neuropsychiatrists. To deliver complete care, they work closely with other medical specialists like neurologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and social workers. In order to address the intricate relationships between the brain and mental health, the field of neuropsychiatry incorporates the knowledge of both neurology and psychiatry. By delivering precise diagnoses, creating individualised treatment plans, and attending to each patient’s specific requirements, neuropsychiatrists work to enhance the lives of people with neuropsychiatric diseases.


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