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The term “Intensive Care Unit” refers to a hospital’s specialised medical department that offers intensive care to patients who are seriously ill or injured. A diverse team of medical experts trained to manage severe and life-threatening illnesses works in the ICU.
Patients who require advanced medical interventions and careful supervision can get continuous monitoring and support in the ICU. It has specialised machinery and technology that can monitor vital signs, administer medicines that prolong life, and give quick access to emergency measures.

Provided Services

The ICU is a crucial part of the healthcare system since it offers specialised care for patients with serious illnesses. In order to give patients the best chance of recovery, it acts as a link between emergency rooms and general hospital wards by providing round-the-clock observation, cutting-edge interventions, and specialised knowledge.

24*7 Emergency

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We work round the clock and accepts the patients 24/7 x 365 days. It is staffed at all times by our professionals. You make an appointment at any time at Remedy Hospital in an emergency

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